Digital One-to-Ones

Digital one-to-ones are now available!

No matter where you are in the world, I can help you with your dog training queries.

I began offering one-to-ones via video link in 2020 and have had to pleasure of connecting with dogs and dog owners across the UK and even in the US!

So far, I have hosted digital one-to-ones with dog owners to help with puppy training, toilet training, crate training and improving a dogs recall. Digital one-to-ones can help with all of your dog training questions and there is yet to be a dog training issue that I can’t help with via video link!

Get in touch to book on to find out more.

Connecting with you is easy. We use Zoom software which is free for you to use. I send you a link via email and we connect face to face at the time of our one-to-one. All digital one-to-ones include follow up notes sent to your email recapping our conversation and recommendations PLUS a training plan for you and your dog to follow to help you work through your dog training exercises.

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What are the benefits of a digital one-to-one with Be Brilliant Dogs?

  • I am a qualified IMDT dog trainer who can help you with all your dog training questions, queries and training issues
  • I have experience in delivering dog training on Zoom across the UK and even connected with dogs and owners in the US!
  • I have extensive experience in coaching individuals and small groups. Before I became a dog trainer, presenting and hosting workshops was my full-time job!
  • I have my own dog (Basil) on hand to demo, in case any exercises are unclear or need further demonstrations
  • Zoom is free for you to log into. I pay for a Zoom license, so the experience is super smooth for you.
  • Zoom one-to-ones can be recorded and sent for you to watch again at a later date
  • The recording can be watched again by you and your other family members. This becomes a useful resource to refer back to when you are training at home
  • One-to-ones include follow up notes sent to you via email after we connect, plus a training plan for you and your dog to follow
  • Digital one-to-ones are available at all sorts of unsociable hours. Using video we can connect in the early mornings and late evenings to suit your working schedule
  • Digital one-to-one will always be available through Be Brilliant Dogs, this isn’t something offered on a whim because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a dedicated part of the way I connect with clients around the world

If you would like any more information or to find out more about booking a dog training digital one-to-one you can email me on or chat to me on the phone on (+44) 07472701887.

“We had weekly Zoom calls with Jen when we brought our Vizsla puppy home and her advice and guidance was invaluable. With Jen’s guidance, our puppy was crate trained and we were back in our own room after 10 days and she was toilet trained very quickly. Jen gave us a lot of advice on how to socialise our puppy (even during lockdown) and she is now extremely sociable, confident and absolutely loves other dogs and new people. We discussed our routine with Jen and she provided us with lots of tips on interactive toys and games that we could use so we could eat dinner in peace and get on with working from home. Jen was happy to watch videos of our training sessions and she provided constructive feedback and our puppy quickly mastered the basic commands. I would recommend having a session with Jen even before bringing your puppy home as the first few days go in a blur and she prevented us from forming bad habits. I recommended Jen to all the other owners in our litter as so many struggled to crate train and their puppies lacked in confidence and couldn’t be left alone. Jen was also a great and very calm support when we were struggling with the responsibility and reality of having our first puppy who loved to bite us when we first brought her home. She is now a lovely four month old and Jen continues to support us and is happy to answer any questions as they come up.”

– Kate and Duncan with puppy Luna!