Group Classes

Find out more about our group classes for you and your dog held near to Knighton, Powys.

*Covid-19 Update*
Currently we are sorting a suitable indoor venue for our group classes. This has been delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will soon have details of locations, times and availability. If you would like to know more about which classes are running and when, get in touch with Jen on 07472701887 or email

Be Brilliant Dog Group Classes

Puppy or “New To You” Class

An 8 week block of classes that is perfect for you and the new member of your family. Whether that is a new puppy or a new rescue dog, this class is the perfect foundation for your life together.

This class focuses on building your dog’s confidence, introducing new experiences to your puppy. The class will help you to teach your dog the essential skills such as recall, how to walk nicely on a lead, how to settle on their bed, how to take treats from your hands without snatching, how to sit, lay down, wait at the door and greet new people. Plus so much more!

This course is a great foundation for your dog or puppy. Each week you will be set fun tasks and challenges to work on at home. The course also includes a puppy / new dog handbook written by Jen!

Brilliant Dogs Club

This group class is an brand new style of dog class designed for you and your dog to advance your skills together in a fun, interactive way. This class progresses you and your dog through more complex behaviors which make your relationship with your dog even stronger!

Brilliant Dogs Club looks at a variety of dog training skills such as emergency stops, focus around distractions, instant down, motivation to play and so much more!

This group class is an ideal follow on to the puppy or new dog class, or it can be jumped into if your dog has previous experience with group classes and you want to learn more together.

Brilliant Dogs Club is a rolling class booked on a 6 week block. Brilliant Dogs Club includes an online support group, additional video tips and training support from Jen, reading recommendations, opportunities to earn certificates and prizes plus so much more!

Scentwork Class

Jen is a qualified Scentwork UK instructor, has competed in Scentwork UK trials and has taken scentwork courses with other best-in-class institutions. Scentwork is so much fun and perfect for all ages and breeds of dog!

Scentwork builds your dog’s confidence, works your dog’s brain and is a fascinating thing to watch your dog do. At Be Brilliant Dogs our scentwork classes take you from complete novice to experienced scent team! We work on a variety of things including a passive indication, identifying a number of different scents, searching outside, searching inside, searching vehicles, searching vertical surfaces such as walls. And so much more!

You and your dog do not need any previous scentwork experience, come along and have some brilliant nosey fun!

Tricks and Heelwork To Music Class

Jen’s passion for all things dog training was born from teaching tricks. She competes in Heelwork To Music and Freestyle and has a number of trick awards with both of her own dogs.

Teaching your dog tricks may seem a “little silly”, but trick training has a variety of benefits to your dog and you as the dog owner. Trick training can build a better recall, keep your dog fit, increase your dog’s motivation, dramatically improves your bond with your dog and it can greatly improve your skills in teaching your dog other behaviours.

If you enjoy teaching tricks, you might also be interested in getting started in Heelwork To Music (HTM). HTM is a fun and creative dog sport in which you and your dog work together to build routines and sequences in time with your choice of music.

Our trick training classes start with beginner which is suitable for anyone who has never taught their dog tricks before, right through to competition classes for anyone competing (or considering competing) in Heelwork To Music.

Jen always finds fun ways to teach me and my dog new things. She uses tricks and games to find solutions to everyday problems. It is never boring for either of us!


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